PowerPoint Clean-up & Design Services


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PowerPoint Slide Clean Up & Design

Face it, how many hours do you want to spend on your PowerPoint Presentation? Is this the best use of your time and do you want an expert team to work for you and do what they do best?

To create and format one slide can take just 5-10-20 minutes or sometimes one slide could take you several hours to develop and design!

Clean Up

We treat your older PowerPoint slides to a new look and lift.
When you need to only basic formatting and some polish plus touch-up to your existing slides.
  • make bullet and text-heavy slides more readable by changing bullets to icons
  • re-brand existing slides or slide decks by adding and applying a new template
We check all alignment, consistency, compliance to logo's or footers, and animation.

Clean-up Cost: Each and every presentor and their presentation is unique. Sometimes a slide deck just needs new icons while other presentations require more. For these presentations, we charge only $5 - $6 per slide. We also include 1 hour of 1-1 consulting time.

Typically after the first few stages in our process, the majority of our correspondence is email with touch points via Skype or phone as required. Once approved, our turnaround time is approximately 3-5 days per 30-40 slides.



We create a whole new look, feel, function, and flow.
We make your presentation stand up with the best and separate you from the rest.
When you need to get your message seen, understood and remembered!

When a new concept is needed:
We check all alignment, consistency, compliance to logo's or footers, apply animation.

We also can:
  • convert typed documents into slides
  • convert hand drawn images into slides
  • re-set the layout, color scheme of your content
  • redevelop existing or add a new template
  • add new design elements and complex animations

Design Cost: Most presentations require a combination of treatments. For these presentations we bill out at $18 - $25 per slide.
The range here is based upon the complexity of the project. We also build in 2 hours of 1-1 time. Once approved, our turnaround time is typically 1 week for up to 30-40 slides.

Your presentation is re-invented and redeveloped.

New high resolution photos, art, graphics, and icons are utilized to give you a new modern high-impact presentation.