PowerPoint Clean-up & Design Services


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1. How Do We Start Working Together On Your PowerPoint Presentation?
Please complete out our intake form. A clear, complete, and detailed approach from you allows us to deliver a more cost effective, high quality presentation. We want everything written so we both do not forget anything.
2. How Do We Charge For a PowerPoint Presentation?
We charge based on your “number of slides”, the treatment required, and include a standard amount of support time. During our initial 3 stages, we mutually discuss and agree to all the details, including the project, budget, any additional support expected to complete your PowerPoint presentation.
3. What If I Need This presentation NOW?
Based upon our workload, will not take on any project that we cannot successfully accomplish. The more organized you are and the time you allow, the better the outcome. If we must rush, we bill an additional 10-15% depending the complexity of your presentation.
4. How Can I Help Lower My Costs and Increase the Delivery Time For My Presentation?
We have a wide range of clients and their presentations and our treatments vary. Clients must have everything in a Microsoft Word document. This includes their presentation, notes, requirements, likes and dislikes, examples and anything else. The profile of their audience, number of attendees, and anything else. During these first stages, we will discuss with you so we can reduce the number of hours and revisions needed to contain time/costs. Your availability and responsiveness to emails and Skype will move your project along on time and on-budget.
5. Our 10% Factor
With any project, there can be additional requests and if everything goes accordingly, a 10% savings. We work diligently to meet or exceed your expectations. Therefore, over 80% of our projects, (when you do your part perfectly) actualize a 10% savings with less than 20% may exceed our quote when additional changes and expectations are requested when we are almost finished. This is always discussed while the project is active and mutually agreed.
6. Who Are Our Customers?
Many of our customers do not have the time or expertise to do what we do naturally. Frequently, they are business professionals or presenters, trainers, consultants, speakers, educators, and human resource personnel. That need a top-knotch presentation done based upon having too much on their plate to create what they require. We work with them to translate what they have to what they envision. This is where we become their presentation partners and have continued to build long-term relationship.
7. Can You Coach Me With My Presentation?
Yes, we can and often do this separate from the design phase and for an additional consulting fee per hour. We also offer PowerPoint Templates, PowerPoint Content and many more resources.
8. Where Are You Located?
Here in the United States and internationally. So, you can communicate easily with us. We acknowledge every request with precision. While actively working with your presentation, small changes are typically completed with 24-36 hours or sooner, and more detailed work mutually scheduled according to the complexity. We pride ourselves in not disappointing.
9. How Can I Best Reach You To Start Working Together?
If you are in our area, stop by for coffee or tea. Otherwise, email is best. Our customers also communicate face-to-face with us via Skype and send us their decks through email along with their written requirements.